Your Tribe – more important than you realise!

I had a wonderful weekend!

The fun began when I attended my school reunion on Saturday evening. It was 40 years since we were all in Year 10. Imagine a room with nearly 70 women the noise was deafening as the air filled with laughter and exclamations of joy. Many of us hadn’t seen each other in years.

It may have been forty years, and our faces and bodies may have changed, however, the voices and smiles hadn’t. If I closed my eyes and listened, I could easily imagine us back in year 10. And as a people watcher, it was fascinating to see how quickly, women gravitated to their original groups.

The night was fantastic,

and I’m glad I got the opportunity to go.

But there was a time when I wouldn’t have seen it that way. For me, high school wasn’t easy. Having been moved in primary school to attend a gifted and talented program at another school, I had no childhood friends. Only two girls from my school went to the same high school. Also, I was ill for a lot of Year 7. At a time when many were forming their groups and bonding, I was away from school sick.

Over the years I made some wonderful friends, girls who accepted me for my weird quirky ways, love of animals and knobby knees. However, the reality was I was a fringe dweller, trying to find my tribe. I didn’t have much luck, so instead spent most of my time either in the art rooms or in the Science Labs looking after the animals. It was one of the most challenging periods of my life.

On Sunday I attended another gathering.

This one poles apart from Saturday night. It was a small group of women, eight of us in all, meeting on a friend’s back veranda. I hadn’t met these women before, and it was wonderful to be invited into their tribe for the afternoon. We had the fabulous Sasha from Stronger with Oils extolling us the benefits of Doterra oils (and they are pretty good) as we feasted together on food and wine.  And I was privileged to be able to take them on a goal setting journey in a mini-workshop.

These two experiences on the weekend reminded me of the importance of finding your tribe.

Why do you need a tribe?

Quite simply it’s good for your mental and physical health, it is nectar to the soul. It’s the place where you can be you and be accepted and nurtured no matter how crazy your dreams or life might seem to others. If you don’t believe me check out this interesting article from Psychology Today, it may be six years old but is still a fascinating read.

As we gather together our tribes help us grow.  They inspire us to pursue our dreams, cheer us on when we succeed, and commiserate with us when things don’t go as planned. But be warned, they will also give us a good kick up the rear end, lovingly, when we are maybe not being the best version of ourselves.

Tribes are important no matter what age we are, they come in all shapes and sizes, and often we belong to multiple tribes. Chances are you already have one, however, you mightn’t even recognise it. If you don’t have a tribe, I encourage you to look for one or create one. Not sure where to begin, like-minded people is a great start.

This week give yourself the gift of community,

as you create, celebrate or find your tribe.

Your Tribe – more important than you realise!

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