Think your not creative – Together we can change that!

We are all born creative, you only have to watch children at play. As they paint and draw you see the potential artist in them. When they are playing with their dolls, acting out scenarious and having in depth conversations while all alone, you can hear the budding actor in them. They are not frightened to just play and create, regardless of the outcome. They neither like nor dislike what they make, they just create.


Somewhere along the way,

we lose this innate ability to connect through play with our creativity,

it becomes stifled as we grow older.


What did you like to create when you were a child. Can you remember the feel of the paint between your fingers as you finger painted. Or the smell of the play dough as you moulded it into your own creations. Sitting on a rainy day cutting out pictures from magazines and greeting cards before gluing them into collages. Maybe it was squishing mud with your hands as you baked your own mud pies.


Whatever it was, that memory is there,

even if it is buried deep,

and maybe it’s time to reclaim your creative self.


Do you:

  • Believe that you aren’t creative;
  • Want to be creative but are busy, tired or overwhelmed with your family and your work;
  • Want to bring creativity into more of what you do;
  • Have an idea, and vision but struggle to implement it;
  • Spend lots of time nurturing the growth and creativity of those around you, however aren’t making time to create yourself
  • Love creating, but aren’t getting to it as often as you like;
  • Have been working on a creative project and have been unable to finish it.


If you answered YES to any of these,

and you want to call creativity into your life,

it’s not too late!


Through creative coaching we can:

  • Overcome procrastination;
  • Define where you are and where you want to be;
  • Shift your mindset;
  • Set realistic and achievable goals;
  • Create clarity;
  • Cultivate a creative life.


If you want to change your life and pursue your dream, why not book a free chemistry session, and we can have a chat about where you are, and where you would like to be.


do what you love, love what you do - happy life and work concept presented on blackboard with colorful sticky notes, white chalk smudges

Think your not creative – Together we can change that!

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