Pity Party Time

I felt ripped off!!! 

For weeks I had been looking forward to going to a basketry workshop with the lovely Zimmi from Weaving Nature, and now I was laid low with the dreaded lurgy.

I drank every potion I could think of.

I chewed my manuka honey and vitamin C, however, nothing made a difference. The verdict was in I had caught a bug and there was no way I could go to the workshop. With no voice and coughing my lungs up every 5 minutes, I felt it was hardly fair to everyone else.

The only answer was a pity party.

And so I ranted and raved, as best a voiceless person can. I think Baloo (my hubby) was secretly delighted that there was little sound coming out. Until finally I sat exhausted and disappointed.

It was at that point that I decided I had a choice.

I could spend the rest of the day whining about how unfair things were or I could lean back into the opportunity that my illness provided. Instead of seeing the day as a loss, I could see it as an opportunity. A chance to relax and take a well-earned rest. Watch a movie I had been wanting to watch for ages, do some reading and when needed sleep.

The choice was all mine!

I could be miserable, or enjoy a day of relaxation. Seems like a bit of no brainer if you ask me. However, I must admit that wasn’t how I saw it to begin with.

Sometimes its all too easy to forget that in the midst of things that are out of our control there is still a choice.

I am not saying ignore your feelings of disappointment, anger, or sadness our emotions are there for a reason, and we need not bury or ignore them. What I am saying is it’s about how we choose to respond. We can wallow or acknowledge what is not right, fair or just and to see whatever positives we can.

It’s all up to you, it’s your choice!

Pity Party Time

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