My Story

Up until about 10 years ago I thought I had it all.

I was married to a great man, had two beautiful daughters, and a home and a creative career that I loved. 

I felt I had slain my dragons.

I had survived a near-death serious illness in my mid-20s, three miscarriages, and then two difficult pregnancies.

I had navigated learning how to raise and support a daughter on the autism spectrum and another with anxiety and survived one of the cruellest blows, the sudden loss of my dearest friend.

We had moved into the home of my dreams and I was looking forward to a new time in my life with my hubby.

And then without even a wobble, the wheels fell off!

For the first time in my life, I didn’t know what it was that I really wanted to do, for years I had managed successful businesses and my family, I felt like I always knew where I was going. But now I was lost.

Ever the optimist and always one to bounce back after being knocked down, I knew I had to create a plan.

I decided that I had to view life as a clean slate, the world was my oyster.

It was time to dig deep and think about what it was that I really wanted to do. What was it that would make my soul sing? Now was my chance, one door may have closed but another one was waiting to be opened.

Over the years the roles I had worked in and my training had given me skills in working with people from all walks of life.

Supporting our daughters grow into beautiful young women who embraced their differences gave me the gift of learning to walk alongside someone, helping them to achieve their goals.

And so, I began pursuing a lifelong dream of becoming someone who gave possibility and hope to others.

My passion is working with women to make a difference in their lives,
My dream is to give every woman a Licence to Create a life she loves.

If you are interested in working with me give me a call.

Some facts about me:

  • I live on the outskirts of Sydney with my husband, our Chief Chewing Officer (CCO) Finnegan, and our two adult daughters.
  • For over 10 years I had a successful creative micro business, Felt from the Heart. I taught sculpting with fibre and sold fibre art supplies.
  • My award-winning sculptures and wearable art are held in private collections and touring exhibitions.
  • I completed a season as General Manager and Financial Controller for one of the largest independent arts festivals in NSW.
  • For 7 years I worked with Peter Day EA+D as business manager, creating public art projects for local government organisations and developers. Notable projects include The Great Southern Wall KGV (2010) – City of Sydney, Stories from the Street – Hurstville Council, Greetings – Stockland Merryland. I now work on selected projects as a contractor for Peter Day EAD, continuing to pursue excellence in public art.


    • Diploma of Life Coaching
    • Diploma of Leadership and Management
    • Diploma of Business
    • Certified Practitioner of Matrix Therapies
    • Practitioner of NLP
    • Certified Passion and Purpose Coach
    • A Certified Weaving a Life Facilitator
    • Facilitator of the Lego Serious Play Methodology.
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