Find it hard to take self-care time – me too!!

For the last week I have been doing a deliberate seven days of self-care.

Each day I’ve been taking time out to do something just for me, something that feeds my soul. The first four days were pretty easy, we were away so my time was more relaxed and less hectic. I had made myself aware of the need for some me time, so it was at the forefront of my mind. However when we came home it suddenly became a little harder.

The way that I work is to schedule and prioritise things, that’s how I get stuff done!

Every two months I always schedule a four-day getaway for my Balou and me. We set off with our camper in tow and take time out. We have done that religiously since we got the camper earlier this year. So how come I don’t do the same with other self care?

Like so many women I often place the needs of others ahead of myself.

The trips get scheduled because they are not only about me, they are also about my man. What I realised is that I don’t always schedule self-care, and I don’t give it a high priority. My seven days have taught me that it is essential.

Since coming home, I have been more productive, and have had more clarity.

I was also able to support our girls through a challenging time with more resilience than normal. Self care does make a difference. Loving me and filling my cup means I have more to give, not only to others but also myself.

Just as each of us is unique so will be what you do for self care and let me say now, it is NOT selfish.

The old saying “if mumma’s happy, everybody’s happy” is so true.

Self care time is filled with things you love and brings wellbeing both physically and mentally. It refuels you.

It could be:

  • Eating healthily
  • Getting enough sleep or taking a nap
  • Exercise – make sure it’s something you like, not something that is a chore
  • Relaxation/mediation
  • Being creative
  • Reading for fun
  • Going to the movies
  • Spending time in nature
  • Taking a break from social media or digital technology

The list is endless and only you will know what is right for you. What I do know is that you need to set deliberate time aside for you and you need to plan for it. If you don’t it will end up at the bottom of the list and you are worth so much more than that.

It’s never too late to start, take some time today to recharge your batteries and start living a life you love!
Find it hard to take self-care time – me too!!
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