Encounter with Creativity


One of the things I believe about creativity is that it has to be woven into your life.

You can use it in your work, home and play, however it’s much easier to tap into if you cultivate it as part of your everyday. Though doing that can be easier said than done, especially with a busy schedule. For some people their creative bent was drummed out of them as they grew up.

I want to change that and invite you to join me for an Encounter with Creativity.

The goal is to reignite your creativity, fanning the flame until you have a blazing fire. Why 66 days? Research has shown that this is the average time taken to create a new habit. For some people it is less, for others more. For 66 days, I want to encourage you to make creativity part of your everyday life, until it becomes the norm.

So now the nitty gritty, and what you will be committing to!

Do something creative every day

You have to schedule a creative date with yourself every day – a minimum of half an hour, if possible an hour is better. During this time, you need to be present. Park all the things that are running around in your head, the things you need to do or haven’t completed. This time is a gift to yourself. Commit to being creative everyday.

Feed your creative soul

Now that you have time, with no interruptions, I want you to choose to do something that feeds your creative soul. Already feeling stumped and need some help? The first thing I want to say is it is NOT about ART. Arts and crafts always come to mind, however, creativity is about so much more. It could be writing, acting, trying out a new recipe, inventing your own recipe. Maybe it’s playing with playdough, or lego, model building, creating a garden, or decorating your home. You could visit an exhibition, go to the theatre, or on a bushwalk. While you are walking observe the sounds, the way the bark forms on the trees and the patterns on the rocks. The list is endless, and you don’t have to commit to one thing, you can mix it up.

What is important though, is that whatever you choose to do doesn’t have a must do component to it or a deadline. For example, if you are already working on something creative, either paid or leisure that you need to complete by a date.  The aim is to do something just because you can. If you want to get more fun and play back into your life, you need to do things just because you can.

Share in a post

Each day I will post in our group and I want you to share in the comments what you have done. It could be a photo; however it could also be a sentence or word. I will share a theme each week, though there is no commitment to work to the theme. For some it will give them a starting point, for others it will stretch their already creative practice. I will also be sharing lots of hints and tips along the way.

There is however one very important rule as a group member – this is a non-judgemental space.

It is not about what people are doing, instead, it is about encouragement to pursue a creative life. Do you ever remember being at school and there was always that kid in class who was praised? Or it could have been your sibling?  Maybe it was the online group you belonged to where somebody’s work received 50 positive comments and barely anyone noticed yours. When people begin commenting on the object that has been created, we create a judgemental space. We are all at different points in our journey, some of us will draw, stitch or write better than others. That is probably due to the environment in which we grew up and now live. Remember we are all doing the best with what we have and where we are. Encourage people, for being courageous and committed, for stepping up, we all need more of that!

For those who already live a creative life, your expression of creativity may inspire someone else, so please join us.

And lastly, this is about you.

It is not school where I am going to chase people for not posting, this is about making a commitment to yourself, to be a different version of you and live a more creative life.

So, if all this resonates with you, please sign up for an Encounter with Creativity, it’s FREE and we start on the 1st of August.

If you need to know more drop me a line, look forward to seeing you there!

Encounter with Creativity

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