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Coaching & Mentoring for Women



I offer a variety of creative workshops designed to assist in all areas of your life.

Including reconnecting to your creative self, writing artist statements, reigniting your creative career and goal setting.

Workshops can be run for groups or organisations – give me a call to discuss your needs 0435 221 062.

Know Your Why?

March 2019 – TBA

In this half-day retreat you will be exploring your Why using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology.

Knowing the purpose of your life means that you know who you are and where you want to go.

As a result, you like a more meaningful life and set more specific goals.

This is LEGO® for adults, a creative, playful, fun process that assists in self-discovery and problem-solving.

It gives a voice to every participant, no matter what their age, cultural background or education.

Weaving a Life – Keyform #1 – The Amulet – Invocation – Women’s Weaving Circle


Join me as I lead you in a women’s weaving circle, a place to discover and explore your natural creativity, and make your heart sing, where we use weaving as a tool for self-reflection.

During this workshop, you will be weaving purpose and intent into your life, through the creation of an amulet. It’s an opportunity to speak from your heart through your hands. The amulet is an invocation to awaken the need for change, and the first in a series of Weaving a Life Keyforms.

The amulet is an invocation to awaken the need for change.

The key forms, woven with the fingers, calm your mind and call into action both left and right brain simultaneously.  Many weavers report feeling a deep peace weaving the key forms, especially in a circle with others.

This is transformational work, no weaving experience or artistic skill is needed.

All materials, workshop notes, and lunch provided.

This is transformational work, more than a workshop, its an experience!

As a trained Weaving a Life leader, I will guide you on this creative journey, NO PRIOR WEAVING experience is necessary.

It’s Time for You

Dec 2018 – next date TBA

Have you:

  • Lost sight of your dreams?
  • Can’t remember what you really enjoy doing?
  • Do you feel stuck and don’t know what to do next?
  • So busy taking care of everyone else that you have forgotten to take care of you?

Maybe you are looking to:

  • Change career?
  • Start a new business?
  • Get a project off the ground?

If any of this resonates with you, then I would love you to give a gift to yourself, and join me in my ‘It’s Time for You’ retreat.

Using creative hands-on techniques, in a nurturing and supportive space, you can reconnect with your inner desires and unmet dreams. And then set some goals to start your journey towards them.

No special experience or skills required.

All materials, workshop notes and morning tea provided.

Coming in 2019:

Creativity Coaching for Textile Artists

Want to move your practice forward, however not quite sure how to do that, in fact not even quite sure where you want to go.

This Coaching course will assist you in clarifying the sticking points of your practice and help you to breakthrough.

Sessions are conducted via google hangouts, if participants are unfamiliar with this technology there will be a session on getting started with Google Hangouts.

Contact me for further details and to reserve a place, or sign up to my newsletter to be kept informed of future happenings.

Live every day with purpose & intention

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