Creative Pathways – A creative voice for everyone

I may have been a little quiet the past couple of months however there has been a lot going on behind the scenes.

I have been writing grants, developing new workshops, working on series 2 of Creative Women and lots more.

Last night I stood alongside my creative friend Janeen from Neenish Arts, and Skye and Moana from We are Community as we were awarded a small community cultural grant from Campbelltown City Council.

One of the many new projects I have in the pipeline.

The money is but a drop in the ocean, however, it is, I believe, the beginning of a greater conversation, one that has the potential to change the cultural face of our local community.

Creative Pathways is a project aimed at increasing health and wellbeing through participation in arts and cultural activities.

On two days, in September and October, we will be turning a local café, Bar Centrale into a creative hub. I can hear you saying it’s been done before, there have been plenty of projects like that. But what sets ours apart is that we are wanting to ensure our programs are inclusive, particularly to those individuals experiencing hardship or homelessness.

No matter what our walk of life is, all of us have a deep intrinsic need to create and express ourselves.

Our engagement in creative pursuits is not only beneficial to our health and wellbeing, it also gives us a voice, an opportunity to tell our story and share our deepest thoughts. Access to cultural activities should be a right, not a privilege.

Its exciting times ahead as I get to work with others in doing what my soul calls me to do, making this world a more equitable place for all.

Stay tuned and join us on the journey as our project unfolds.

Creative Pathways – A creative voice for everyone

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