Business & Digital Mentoring

Now is an exciting time for women aged 50 and over.

Did you know there is an increase in the number of women setting up their own micro-businesses. We live in amazing times where if you dream of running a small business it is much easier than it ever has been.

The advent of social media, online shopping means that businesses now don’t require a traditional shopfront, so working from home is a great option.

The downside is that women now need to be not only business savvy, but also tech savvy.

Navigating your way around the ins and outs of running a business requires sound digital skills, ensuring not only business success but also safety. If you are not a digital native or have no idea how to manage a business then maybe you need a mentor.

A mentor is more than an advisor. 

They are someone who has been there before and achieved success. As your mentor I am invested in sharing my knowledge and experience with you to help you steer your way through the unknown territory of business and technology. 

Over the past twenty years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I have held successful positions as:

  • Manager for a not for profit organisation (6 years)
  • Business Manager for a Private organisation (7 years)
  • General Manager/Financial Controller of one of the largest independent festivals in Australia (one season)
  • Senior Project Officer – Digital Inclusion

All this experience is underpinned by qualifications in Business, Marketing, Management and Leadership.

If you are struggling to:

      • Make sense of your business
      • Set up systems and processes
      • Organise your financial records
      • Understand how to use digital technology (your computer, tablet or smartphone)

Then take a big deep breath and give me a call.

I am particularly interested in supported older women who are starting micro businesses.