Be a Warrior Woman

Lately, I have been a bit absent online. Like so many of you, I was being bombarded with images and messages of doom and gloom and I decided I no longer wanted to be overwhelmed by the negativity.

And I have to say I am travelling well, but I know it is not like that for everyone and these are challenging times. Sometimes I have conversations back and forth in my head over issues, however eventually common sense and calm wins out. I am concerned, especially for my elderly mother as she has a lung condition, but I am not worrying and that is where the difference lies.

So today I decided that it was time I weighed in to the conversations that are swirling around about how we should react with a few thoughts.

I want to remind you that while the world may seem out of control, your control still lies with you.

    • What you choose to focus on is your choice
    • The way you react and respond is your choice.
    • What you choose to watch or not watch is your choice.

Being stressed and worrying is actually not good for our immune system, and a strong immune system is the very thing that we all want and need at this time.

I know I can’t snap a magic wand and make you stop worrying, I really do get it. You see I was an incredibly anxious child. Sometimes I would be so worried about what was going to happen the next day that I would like awake in my bed for hours. Eventually I would throw up and only fall asleep due to exhaustion.

Today I want to share a really simple tool that may help you – The Worry Tree. If not you maybe someone you know, or your children, might find this helpful. It seems too simple to work, however like most things, the more you do it, the easier it becomes to do.

Being at peace is not about there being peaceful times around us, its about having the resilience to move through them.

Today let’s move from being worriers to being WARRIOR WOMEN!

Be a Warrior Woman

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