All the Best

My journey in the textile world has been a wonderful one, with many fantastic memories and lasting friendships created but with 16 years in the creative industry the time as come to move on.
With a new venture brewing (no not textile related at all!), I am looking forward to the opportunity of creating for pleasure and not business, and that brings some wonderful possibilities.
I want to thank our customers and suppliers for the fabulous support they have given me over the years, it has been an amazing experience!

If you are looking for fibre supplies or looms please check out the Ashford Handicrafts NZ or Mirrix Tapestry & Bead Looms websites. We have loved selling their products and they can direct you to someone who can help you out.

Wishing all our friends a wonderful, peaceful and safe Festive Season

The fibre world is quite connected and I am sure we will cross paths again somewhere in the future.

All the best